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Le Corbusier and Scandinavia

Le Corbusier and Scandinavia

material from Chalmers Library collections

Huvudbibliotekets utställning december 2014 - januari 2015

Publications from left to right

Viking Göransson, “Två föredrag av Le Corbusier” ur: Byggmästaren, 5 (1933). A report on the lectures Le Corbusier gave in Stockholm during his visit in January 1933.

Thomas McQuillan, Edouard among the machines: a discussion of Le Corbusier´s technological agenda. Oslo (2006). The first Scandinavian dissertation on Le Corbusier, presented at Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen in Oslo.

Mogens Krustrup, Port email : Le Corbusier, Palais de l´assemblée de Chandigarh. Köpenhamn (1991). First extensive Scandinavian publication of international importance. The Danish specialist on Le Corbusier´s art, prof. Mogens Krustrup (1921-2011), is the most influential Nordic Le Corbusier researcher to date.

Thomas Birket-Smith, Peter Mandal Hansen, Gilbert Hansen (eds), Le Corbusier, maler og arkitekt, painter and architect.  Arkitekturtidskrift B, (1995) The most extensive Le Corbusier exhibition catalogue published in Scandinavia to date. Produced for the 1995 Le Corbusier exhibition at Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg, Denmark.

Le Corbusier, “Série Panurge”. Translation into Swedish of Le Corbusier´s small graphic book from 1962. The Swedish version was translated by Johan Linton and published in Psykoanalytisk tid/Skrift, 13 (2005)

Carl Birger Troedsson, Two Standpoints towards modern architecture. Wright and Le Corbusier (1951). The first probably Swedish academic study dedicated to Le Corbusier. Both research and publication made at Chalmers.

Johan Linton, Le Corbusier och Ville radieuse – Att skriva den moderna staden (2013). The first Swedish dissertation on Le Corbusier. Presented at the History and Theory of Architecture at Chalmers.

Le Corbusier, La ville radieuse, Élements d´une doctrine d´urbanisme pour l ´equipement de la civilization machiniste. (1935). Le Corbusier’s most extensive publication, in all 348 pages. With it´s comprehensive discussion of architecture from interior details to global scale it is regarded as a forerunner to Rem Koolhaas, S, M, L, XL (1995)

Issue of the Gothenburg cultural review Arche from 2012. It contains a memorial article on the departed professor Mogens Krustrup (1921-2011) together with translation into Swedish of his first article on Le Corbusier from 1973: “The pyramid and the Rotunda”. The photo of Le Corbusier´s Ronchamp chapel on the cover is by Krustrup.

Issue of the Gothenburg cultural review Arche from 2013. With a painting by Le Corbusier on the cover it contains a study of Le Corbusier´s relation to French architectural tradition, written by the Chalmers scholar Johan Linton.

Johan Linton, “Le Corbusier´s Plan for the Urbanization of Stockholm” (2013). The first scientific study of Le Corbusier´s Stockholm plan from 1933. Published in the anthology Le Corbusier´s secret laboratory: From painting to architecture, edited by Jean-Louis Cohen and Staffan Ahrenberg. The publication served as a catalogue for the exhibition with the same name at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm 2013.

Le Corbusier och Stockholm (1987). Publication edited by Karin Winter and published by the Swedish Museum of Architecture in relation to the centenary of Le Corbusier´s (1887-1965) birth. One of few Swedish publications associated with the international interest in Le Corbusier.

Le Corbusier, Vår bostad (1962) The first Swedish translation of a book by Le Corbusier. The original, La maison des hommes, was published by Le Corbusier in 1945 together with Francois de Pierrefeu. The latters text was excluded in the Swedish version of the book.

Le Corbusier, “Louis Soutter, den okände sextioåringen”. Translation into Swedish of one of Le Corbusier´s rare texts on a contemporary artist. It was also Le Corbusier´s only text to appear in the French surrealist review Minotaure, in the 9th issue from 1936. Louis Suotter who suffered badly from psychological problems, was Le Corbusier´s cousin. The Swedish version was translated by Johan Linton and published in Psykoanalytisk Tid/skrift, 11-12 (2005)

Johan Linton, Om arkitekturens matematik – en studie av Le Corbusiers Modulor (1996). Diploma work for a Master´s degree in Engineering Phyiscs, presented at Chalmers by the Swedish Le Corbusier researcher Johan Linton. Linton´s first book on Le Corbusier also contains a translation into Swedish of the French Swiss architect´s collaboration with the French mathematician Francis Le Lionnais: “L´architecture et l´esprit mathématique” (Arkitekturen och den matematiska andan) from 1948

Johan Linton, Le Corbusiers maskin-industriella spår i ett arkitekturtänkande (1999) Licentiate thesis presented at the Theory and History of Architecture at Chalmers. The first academic work on Le Corbusier on post graduate level produced at an architectural school in Sweden.

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